Back in July 2011, Matt and I organized a small expo to bring together some of the explorers we had been seeing on flickr. After a lot of discussion, we decided that an abandoned abattoir would be a good place to go to, since barely any of us had been there. At first we were shy to talk but then we eventually got along and exchanged exploration stories with each other. And thus WLGS was born!

Attendees: Matt, Man Underground, Murdoch80, KTV, Kitten Of Doom, Marirarchi (formerly known as PaulfromOZ), Josh, AlleyKat and myself; Valkyre (Formerly known as Deliverance).

Photos from Valkyre:











Sorry to the people (if any) that have been waiting for new posts by WLGS crew. lots of stuff has been happening and many exploring missions have taken place. All this and more has resulted in the crew neglecting this blog. I promis that there will be posts coming in the near future.

stay tuned and happy exploring.



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This drain that i have been to a million times in the past year or so isn’t the biggest drain and it doesn’t have any side tunnels. it’s just a big round concrete pipe that spans the length of 100 meters or so. So why do I feel the urge to visit it so often i hear you ask. Well the answer is half way down this big round pipe is a huge pipe that come out to the surface which lets in lots of natural light and the shape of it is truly great.



I have no idea of what this “sky light” half way down the tunnel is used for but it makes me happy walking to this area The engineering of this structure must have some use to it. I am sure the government wouldn’t waste tax payers money. *clears throat* In the area there is another similar smaller drain which stops at a dead-end with and has the same thing. a sky light. weird!

The first time walking towards the sky light you know its going to be a great tunnel to visit.


you don’t need to walk to the structure that i call the sky light but it’s not that far from the main entrance and it’s REALLY big and a great place to take things into perspective.

Upon entering the area where you walk though a foot of water to get to the inside of the tunnel you see the entrance to the tunnel and said skylight.


This last trip to this area wont be my last before i head ot to Europe.

Abandoned Primary School


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G’day folks!

WLGS’ been busy with a lotta schizzles. But! We DID go to an exciting school in mid feb with almost all of the crew, with Mariarchi MIA! 😦
Nevertheless, the rest of the team met up near the school and went right in.

Lets talk in photos now.

That's not supposed to go there.

skool 4

And the crew, minus Mariarchi, once again.

Keepin’ it real, iz yo boi Deliverance.
Peace out Niggas